Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kicking back, Irish Style

Indianapolis Star profiled the club as part of the Irish Festival a few weeks back... here's an excerpt...

Kicking Back, Irish Style
"Irish culture is based on song, dance and enjoyment. That's why we invented beer and whiskey," Conlon said with a smile.

Conlon, who moved here from Ireland 12 years ago, stood in a booth and shared his love of a sport developed as a way to train young men how to fight: hurling.

At North Central High School, a hurling club has been formed. There, Max Haberstadt and Alex Chesterfield, both 17, were intrigued by an invitation to play hurling, they said.

It's a great sport where you can go out there and make some contact, they said.

And how did they get invited?

"Someone said one day, 'Do you want to hurl?' " Haberstadt said.

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