Friday, March 30, 2007

Muddy Muddy Day

The last of our pre-season conditioning practices took place Wednesday night. As before Ciaran led us through the paces.

We started off with a simple three-man passing drill, first in the air and then on the ground. After than the same groups lined up to practice doubling. The last part of the drills was a man-on-man possession drill where one of the three would hit the ball to the other two and they would try to get possession. We ended the evening by dividing into teams and trying to maintain possession for 10 passes.

After all the rain the fields were VERY muddy, but that didn't slow anyone down.

Remember that Sunday is our first official practice at 10am at Lawrence Richardt Park. We've been averaging 13-14 people per practice so far, let's see if we can get that number up.

Monday, March 26, 2007


One of the 2007 goals for the Indianapolis Hurling Club is competing nationally in the NAGAA championships. How well we do and how far we go is up to us.

What this means is we're scheduling more teams than just Purdue this year. We planning a trip up to Chicago on April 21st for training with the Milwaukee Hurling Club and other area teams. Details aren't finalized yet, but we're also planning matches with Akron and Milwaukee.

If we want to accomplish anything it's going to take commitment. That means coming to practice everytime you can. That means making every road trip you can. That means going out at practice and giving it everything you have. That means picking up your hurley at home and practicing some simple skills.

We're not the youngest of guys I know, but if we use our heads and train hard we can put Indy Hurling on the map.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Good lord... it's been a long time since I did anything physical... so much for a "light" conditioning...

Ciaran stepped in to conduct the training. We started off with the hand passing drills then moved onto short ground strokes. We works on short passes in the air and then a few one-on-one drills... ugh.

Finally we divided up for some a quick scrimmage.

It was great to pick up the hurley again and puck the ball around.

Our next practice is Sunday afternoon at 3pm at Broad Ripple Park and has been designated "Bring a friend day!" Now I know some of you guys don't really have any friends, so you're excused from it, but everyone else try to bring a buddy out to play. We've got lots of extra hurleys they can borrow, so don't worry about equipment.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

St Patrick's Day Parade!

It was a brisk morning, but the sun was shining and the spirit of the hurlers was high as Indy Hurling participated in their 2nd straight St Patrick's Day Parade. We all met up and pucked the ball around to keep warm while we waited our turn to walk. Thanks to the bainisteoir for the use of the truck where we attached the banners.

A completely impartial observer (ok, my wife) commented that Indy Hurling was one of the highlights of the parade along with Richens/Timm dance academy (which she's an impartial observer also). "Most of the parade was just students from schools walking... at least you guys did something..." The guys pucked the ball around on the parade route while walking... by the way, next year try not to hit any more horses.

Here's some pictures...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Prepping for St. Patrick's Day

Aside from Irish Fest, no time like St Patrick's Day draws more attention to hurling and all things Irish like St. Patrick's Day.

Once again this year, Indy Hurling will be marching in the St Patrick's Day Parade. The parade is on Friday March 16th this year and starts at 11:30a. Indy Hurling is assigned to Division 2, Unit 14. We'll be assembling at Pennsylvania and Walnut at 10:30a. Bring your hurleys and dress warm. They're predicting the temps to be around the mid 40s.

After the parade there'll be a post-parade/pre-St. Patrick's day celebration at Connor's Pub in Broad Ripple, located at 633 Ferguson Street. Connor's is one of our proud sponsors, so let's all show them some love. The guys said the shindig will start at about 3p.

Also at Connor's on St. Patrick's Day Indy Hurling will have a booth to recruit new players. More info is coming on that!