Friday, July 6, 2007

Pat Flynns vs Connors, Game VI

Another great game yesterday at Richardt Park. With all the big guns missing, Flynns played like dogs from hell, being first to the ball and taking scores from all angles, it looked liked it was one-way traffic through the first 15 mins leading 8 points to 3. Then a good goal from Richard and points from Church and Monaghan clawed Connors back to lead at half time 14 points to 10. The second half started the same as the first with a great point from play by "The Flying Tobin" from 45 yards out, which spared his time on. A goal from Drew and points from Rudy and Bubbles. Flynns led by a 2 points with 8 mins gone. Kyle LaPres clmbed high above everybody to catch the ball from a long puck out from Jay-Jay, turned his man and struck it over the bar. Matt Davis not to be out done clipped it over from a good distance to put Flynns back ahead. Missed 65's and botched frees left both teams scrambling for breaking balls in the mid field. Church played a 30 yard pass / shot on target which Flynns ever present keeper caught and cleared it out only to see it come rifling back at him from LaPres to put Connors ahead. Flynns missed some easy chances which cost them the game at the end with a score of Flynns 23 - Connors 25.

Thanks again to all the supporters for coming out its great to see the crowd growing each week.