Thursday, May 24, 2007

Connors v Pat Flynns, Part Deux

The clash of the ash echoed around Richardt Park, Sunday 20 May 07, as Connors took on Pat Flynn's in round 2 of the Indy Hurling league. This was a full-blooded affair with both sides tackling hard and challenges flying in from the start. This intensity was maintained throughout the game and was coupled with some excellent score-taking by players from both sides. Connors gained the upper hand in the first-half with some good goals scored by their offence. However, Pat Flynn's emerged even more determined in the second-half, and soon had the Connors defence on the back foot, with prolonged periods of pressure. This pressure paid dividends as Pat Flynn's scored a couple of good goals courtesy of Rudy Nehrling and Neal Mulrooney. As the game moved to its conclusion Connors were awarded a free close to goal, and Jon Barton stepped up to score a crucial goal for Connors. This helped to put a little breathing room between the teams and Connors emerged victorious on a score-line of 7-7 to 5-6. Overall, this was a tough, uncompromising encounter with the skills of the game being executed at a higher intensity level than previous games, which augers well for future participation in upcoming tournaments. Thanks again to everyone who played and to those who came out to support their family and friends.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the DL

Well folks, it looks like thanks to an unfortunate meeting with Eric under the goal a week ago I'm going to be on the DL for a bit.

Sunday before last (April 29 for those keeping track) I collided with Eric near the end of practice and hurt my finger. I went to the doctor today and found out the diagnosis is mallet finger (torn tendon in my finger) which means I'll be out for 6-8 weeks.

Now... here's were you come in... Since I won't be there for practices and probably not for games I'm going to need your help getting the correct info on club happenings.

I'll still be here... just can't play...

Connor's beats Pat Flynn's in League Opener

Connor's beats Pat Flynn's in League opener

And so rivalries have been renewed. Once again, Pat Flynn's took on Connor's in the opening game of the 2007 Indy Hurling League at Richardt Park. A bright, sunny Sunday morning saw both teams play a lively, spirited encounter. The pace of the play moved the ball from end to end and there were some excellent passages of play. The level of commitment and effort by both sides could not be faulted and all the skills of the game were put on show, with some tremendous blocks, inter-play and shots on goal by players from both sides. The game ended, 6-3 to 3-3, with victory for Connor's, but Pat Flynn's will be out to avenge that defeat in the next game, scheduled for 20 May 07. Thanks to all members that played on the day. Special thanks to those family and friends who came out to show their support for the players as they play the world's fastest (and greatest) field game! -- Ciaran